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We developed our expertise over the last 25 years to become, today, strategic digital transformation consultants
obsessed with delivering the highest quality solutions supported by data.


Cultivating a passion for digital marketing. Spending time updating our skills to get professional enrichment. Thriving and profiting from developing a digital transformation that shifts companies to success.


Designing measurable, experiential digital strategies that help companies acquire new customers and improve relationships with existing ones, spreading digital transformation culture and methods.

Femar helped more than 200 companies adopting advanced experiential marketing strategies and supporting related business processes with leading technologies

Today, people have a more and more pervasive relationship with technology, which is increasingly leading them to strive for stimulating and engaging experiences both in the real and virtual worlds. It is central for companies to intercept this need by creating positive interactions with their customers through cutting-edge technologies and branded, immersive digital strategies; offering memorable experiences before, during and after the purchase.


Femar Consulting was founded as an individual company by Marco Festi at the age of 25. At the beginning, the company focused on creating websites using the very first American CMS (Content Management System) technologies, but the team immediately started to mature strategic digital marketing experience studying all the new international CMS technologies.
We started a partnership with the Norwegian eZ System A.S. producer of the eZ Publish CMS technology. The Skien-based eZ team was made up of a dozen people: the company was at the beginning and there was no other Italian partner. In just a few years, eZ Publish experienced a great international expansion and obtained a vast recognition in publishing and PA. We studied the software and carried out numerous projects that were sold together with our own online marketing services.
Femar Consulting, was a joint-stock company since three years and it focused on SEO services and PPC campaign management. The team grew by 2 people, one of whom is a Web Marketing Specialist and designs web marketing strategies. We became online marketing consultants for several important companies both on the Italian and international markets. In the following 5 years, we would have acquire roughly 100 SEO management contracts dedicated to organic positioning strategies.
During an event in Berlin we got an inspiration that would have contributed a lot to our growth. We re-evaluated our skills in the field of CMS technologies to create our web based platform, which aims to offer to B2B companies operating in every industry all they need to replace their paper catalog with an Ipad. In less than four years, we put on the market iCatalogue which, with over 10,000 users, is today the first Italian Enterprise Catalog Management technology.
We established the iCatalogue Gmbh company in Amerang, Bavaria, to expand on the German market. At the same time, we created iC MyApp, a highly technological system for consulting every type of publication from an app. Thanks to the BTE behavioral analysis engine, we could classify and analyze the orientations, desires and preferences of the various user targets. These innovations allowed us to create online marketing strategies with a high ROI for the iC MyApp subscribers.

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