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B2B Commerce platform

Cutting-edge tech solutions to simplify your work. We want our technological expertise to serve as a competitive advantage. In a world of disrupting innovation, we select those groundbreaking technologies that can really make a difference for your processes, products, and services, empowering your team, increasing revenues, cutting mundane workloads and reducing time to complete tasks.

iCatalogue, developed by Femar Consulting

iCatalogue is cloud-based software for B2B digital commerce and unified sales management developed by Femar Consulting. iCatalogue is a complete, composable solution that can be integrated with ERP and CRM systems. B2B sales, marketplace and OMS in one powerful and scalable platform.

Three environments for sales management

iCatalogue Commerce Cloud  

Backoffice with 7 management areas, including: Order Management system and PIM. Order management with pre-processing functions before transferring them to ERPs for fulfillment. PIM area for product catalog management.

iCatalogue GoDirect

B2B eCommerce A revolutionary B2B eCommerce system that allows customers to place orders independently. Customizable portal in appearance and sales and reference settings.

iCatalogue Sales App

Tablet app for sales agents One of the first tablet apps released on the App store, designed to allow sales agents to capture mobile orders from their customers.

iCatalogue B2B Marketplace

Marketplace features Software with participatory and collaborative commerce features in the management of sales processes between company, customers and suppliers.

Some features:

              • Centralized order management hub
              • Pim for product information management
              • AI-based search engine
              • Sales channel management
              • Representative agent collaboration system
              • B2B app specifically for retailers and customers
              • Price and promotion management engine
              • Fast checkout
              • Brand pages to characterize brand
              • Marketplace
              • Sales intelligence environment

Fields of employment

Wholesaler iCatalogue offers specific functions to distributors and wholesalers: the search experience, as well as the extraordinary facilities for reordering processes, will make your relationship with them increasingly profitable and rewarding. Brand Brands and manufacturers, in a variety of industries, use iCatalogue to implement and manage their digital stores in B2b.   Thanks to their technology choice, they are successful in omnichannel development.

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