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“Shift to digital” success

Femar is a consulting company that helps its customers conveying engaging experiences to exceed people’s expectations. We create these paradigms through advising on the best technologies and customer-centric marketing strategies to reach the digital transformation success.

We help to create an experience strategy based on innovative UX solutions

We innovate your omnichannel customers’ journey creating engaging experiences

We give a new life to processes, enhancing the quality of your services and products

We optimize your digital marketing strategy automating the routine work

We design a distinctive brand identity to convey your values and build relationships

We guide you in envisioning new opportunities, customizing innovative tech

Our path

We are Femar, a strategic digital firm. In more than 20 years we never stopped learning, with passion and curiosity, close to our customers

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iCatalogue is considered the most innovative technology of Mobile Catalog Management and Order taking.
Femar Consulting is the iCatalogue Italian branch, or the national service provider.

Order taking and structured catalog consultation from iPad. It can be integrated with any management software.

Browse catalogs and publications on tablets managed by the cloud. It features professional functions and behavioral analysis.


Femar Focus

Femar focuses on shaping the most innovative solutions to anticipate people’s desires. To achieve this result, we operate on several fronts, optimizing processes, products, and services to reach your business goals and expand digital transformation.

We share CRM tools and skills with companies to optimize the sales pipeline creating new leads, efficiently managing the relationships with customers.

We create an engaging experience strategy that creates valuable interactions with your customers and will constitute your company’s hardly replicable offer.

We design data-driven digital marketing strategies and processes to promote your brand when people look online for your specific product or service.

We foster digital transformation in B2B companies developing customized marketing strategies while supporting the team in the acquisition of technical skills.

We design a customer journey that meets people’s needs and creates positive omnichannel interactions with the brand in all touchpoints of your purchasing process.

We help companies to seize digital innovation opportunities by analyzing their actual contest, studying the latest market trends and designing feasible business scenarios.

Featured customers

More than 700 companies in 9 industries have relied on our strategic firm specialized in digital transformation success over the years to offer to their customers memorable omnichannel experiences supported by a data-driven digital marketing strategy.


Drop us a line on what your business needs and we offer you the tools to bring it into the future.

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